Woman at a laptop with mobile in hand

Make headway with Office 365

How Microsoft 365 helped our business At In4Media Limited we are strong advocates of Microsoft Office 365. Why? Because it has enabled us to run our business more effectively by managing our files, keeping our data safe, and collaborating with …..

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Customer relationship management

Finding the right CRM

Why you should use a CRM A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution should be a godsend to most businesses. Trying to manually manage your emails, email follow-up, phone calls, customer interaction and notes, cross referencing of records, prospecting, management of …..

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Brand and Design

Branding—what is it and why is it important? Branding is essentially your company logo, company colours, company fonts, layouts, slogans or buzzwords etc., which determine the formatting of your business website, company documentation, shop front appearance, staff uniform etc. Branding …..

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Why Social Media?

Employing social media as part of your marketing and advertising strategy The media landscape continues to change, and in doing so, it has altered the way in which we interact through media and communications in society. In a world where …..

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