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Branding—what is it and why is it important?

Branding is essentially your company logo, company colours, company fonts, layouts, slogans or buzzwords etc., which determine the formatting of your business website, company documentation, shop front appearance, staff uniform etc. Branding identifies your business, setting it aside from the rest in a visual context. However, it is also about business presentation and what it says about your business–it is about presenting a uniformed front. Imagine you go to a job interview. You could be the perfect candidate for the job, only the interviewer does not know that yet. It’s a great job in the corporate business world, but you make little effort in your presentation. You arrive, hair not particularly groomed, attire put together without any sense of co-ordination, simply put, you look like you did not make much effort in terms of your appearance. Now of course you probably would not do that if you really wanted the job, because you accept that they way you present yourself at an interview will be critical to any prospective job offer.

Presentation and Design—this is what the world of marketing and advertising is all about 

If you want to trump the competition, then you need to make sure your business stands out above the rest, and this fundamentally boils down to undertaking branding design considerations as to how you want to present your business and everything that represents it.

Branding identifies your business. Homogenising the presentation of your company from website down to business documentation or even the uniform your staff may wear. It creates identity and makes your firm recognisable. Ultimately, taking time to brand your business, says you care about the perception and image of your business and that you are conscientious about presenting a professional front. If you don’t believe in your business, then honestly, how can you expect others to believe in your business? Whether you are a self-employed individual, an SME or large corporation, the same rules and standards apply. Think about it like grooming. It’s what humans do to make themselves more attractive to others, and likewise, it is what your business should be doing to enable it to look more appealing to prospective clients. For this reason, if you have not done so already, you should consider branding your business and getting your brand designed as soon as you can.

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