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How Microsoft 365 helped our business

At In4Media Limited we are strong advocates of Microsoft Office 365. Why? Because it has enabled us to run our business more effectively by managing our files, keeping our data safe, and collaborating with our clients and business partners much more efficiently.

Now, there is a little history to our journey. Back in 2016, we were not entirely aligned to the concept of cloud storage as yet, so we were still storing content on locally managed drives and managing our back-ups via our own off-line servers.  However, we were forced to reconsider this approach as a small business when we had a couple of incidents of lost data due to corruption on our drives. We were able to recover the data, but this made us reconsider our approach. In addition to the obvious initial disruption caused, thought about the impact a situation like this could have posed with respect to complying with regulations, risk of security breaches, and other potential litigation.

By adopting Office 365, moving our content onto SharePoint and OneDrive meant hard disk failure or file corruption become one less thing to worry about as our data is periodically backed up. In addition, any deleted SharePoint or One Drive content remains recoverable from the preservation hold libraries, and for our mailboxes and Teams content, this also remains accessible via the recoverable items folders. Of course, it is still possible to back up data from our SharePoint site if we wish to.

Efficient file management

We have used both 365 and the Google Suite and they are both great, but as strong users of Office 365, this platform was a preferred choice. As we recognised the benefits to our business, we shared our experience with our clients. Many of our clients were working off their own business drives or servers, emailing files left, right and centre to colleagues and associates but concerned about the risk of errors with version control management. We shared the fact that Office 365 reduces human responsibility taking care of this in hand. We also found the database functionality in Office 365 worked well, making it much easier to manage, search and find files and other content. We generally stick to recommended guidelines, avoiding deep nested folder structures in SharePoint. However, many of our clients still typically still use these setups in SharePoint and from our experience the search functionality still performs very well in such setups, although the amount of content may have some bearing on results.

Making Collaboration Easier

Microsoft Teams has been key in helping us collaborate and work more efficiently. By focussing the people, the applications, files, assets etc. around the project rather than all these elements coming together around the people (as this would typically be organised in the past), the project becomes the central focus around which everything else migrates. This has really maximised efficiency as, from one single hub: Conversations can take place; files can be easily shared; team members can easily join meetings via laptops, desktop or mobile if on the go or listen into meetings (if unable to participate); view recorded meetings later (if they are not able to attend) and liaise with all key personnel internal or external to the organisation from a single hub.  Time and money is saved by seamless integration through a platform that keeps everyone in the loop and truly reduces human effort.

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