Mobile Apps

In4Media is a leading UK, innovative, app development company with expertise in blackberry OS, android and iOS platforms. We have a reputation for world-class application development in all that pertains to mobile app development across android, blackberry and iOS devices like the ipad and iphone.



We understand that experience is everything, so you can expect full engagement in your app design and architecture development process, to ultimately achieve better retention and conversion rates. We don’t just build apps. The challenge is not limited to the build. We ensure that we understand what end-users truly want, learn what works, what doesn’t, explore strategies to improve (current or in later phases), then put all effort and skill into designing, building, rigorously testing, polishing and streamlining to deliver a solution that works and is ‘problem and bug free’ for all clients national and international.



You can expect full support all the way when you engage with In4Media and we will provide you with all the knowledge and information you need for full implementation of your application.



Our costing for application development is highly considerate and competitive. Our objective is to meet all clients’ budget, where possible, so that everyone can realise their app vision without burning their fingers. We achieve this by prioritizing what to build and finding unique solutions to deliver desired results.

‘Driving Efficiency Through Technology’

As technology continues to evolve, sophistication in data architecture advances, enabling us to move to more advanced levels of efficiency – so in line with our mission statement we will continue to ‘drive efficiency through technology’.