Why Social Media?

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Employing social media as part of your marketing and advertising strategy

The media landscape continues to change, and in doing so, it has altered the way in which we interact through media and communications in society. In a world where most organisations rely, from one degree or another, upon marketing and advertising to promote their business and services, advances in new media has profoundly, inter alia, challenged traditional modes of marketing and advertising. Technological advances have forced advertisers to adapt to new ways of thinking about marketing and the internet has been the main catalyst in the process of adaptation.

The development of social networking sites has meant considering new ways to engage with prospective customers, to being more astute about the reputation of your business. The online space can make or break you and managing your reputation in this sphere is particularly important.

Social media networks allow people to engage and discuss their opinions good or bad. So, whilst social media will provide you with a space in which in which to engage with an audience, it is a space in which your businesses can fall under scrutiny. In this space your reputation is at stake and therefore needs to be managed. Why? because in this online space, opinions may be positive or negative, and adverse publicity can cost you prospective new customers just as a positive reputation can bring you new ones.

Social media provides you with the opportunity to know and engage with your customers or market, understand what they want or don’t want. It will help your customers to know you, what you do and how you do it. It will help you understand where others are going wrong, ways in which you can adapt or shape your business for the better etc.

Employing a structured Social Media Program can provide a more efficient return on investment compared to traditional means of marketing and advertising.

A Social Media Program will allow you to leverage the power of human networks, building valuable, trusted, relationships with your clients and customers. Without a doubt, those who choose to uitilise the benefits of Social Media will have a strategic competitive advantage over those who don’t.

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